Date Night @ Barano

For the month of August, we checked out Barano, a chic Williamsburg Italian eatery by the chef from the acclaimed Rubirosa, Al Di Meglio. Southern Italy inspired cuisine, solid wine and cocktail selection, and a beautiful interior made for one of our more favorable Date Nights yet. 

Afternoon in Malibu

We've been back to LA and Orange County for weddings often this year, usually a needed break from the intensity of New York City. Usually we try to meet up with as many friends as possible, but sometimes we have stints of time between meetings where we can explore a little. Here's a quick little guide if you have a free afternoon, a fun car to drive, and penchant for some sea air.

Summer in New York City

Summer is our favorite season! Some people argue they hate summer in New York because it can be scorching hot and very humid, but you know what - it's worth it to us!  Winter is worse and we'd rather stay outside and do fun things than be inside and sad for what feels like 5 long months of cold winter days. 


This year we chose the hottest, muggiest season to visit Taiwan. This past June we went to visit my grandmother who couldn't make it to our wedding. We made our way through Taichung 台中, Kaohsiung 高雄, Cijin Island 旗津, Tainan 台南, and of course Taipei 台北. 

Bay Area, California

This past Christmas holiday, we got the opportunity to fly back home to California (Bay Area) and spend some time with family and friends, one of them my cousin Loren who happens to love adventures too. 

2017, Year in Review

In our first year of marriage we made it a point to make up for lost time in our 5 years of long distance and traveled to 8 countries over the last 12 months, with a few domestic trips peppered in as well. 

Winter in Banff

As many of you know, in honor of Canadian National Park's 150 year anniversary, all national parks in Canada are free for 2017! So in February, Stacey and I went to Banff, Alberta to experience what a beautiful winter could be.

Catskills Weekend

We took the opportunity after Christmas to go upstate for a little bit of R&R, an experience that really underscored the diverse nature of New York State (you know that tag line on I (heart) NY that says "and You thought you knew New York"? Totally our experience with the Catskills.