Date Night @ Vic's

After a hiatus from the craziness of the holidays, we’ve resumed our monthly Date Night at italian restaurants. For the month of January 2019, we ended up at Vic’s, a hip establishment in Soho actually replacing Michelin-starred restaurant Five Points, though created by the same chef/owners, Vicky Freeman and Marc Meyer.


Vic’s is one of those places that has good food, but is really there for a great vibe & experience. For a good dinner spot with a few friends, Vic’s is trendy, loud, and tasty enough to tick all the boxes of a good evening.


We typically try 3-4 dishes when we go out for our date nights. Italian is tough because it’s really meant to be shared and is extremely filling, but our love for travel really took root eating Italian food so it’s become an important cuisine to us.

For Vic’s, we had 3 dishes, starting with the Crispy Sweet Onions with dried tomato & parmigiano, Rye Rigatoni with braised lamb, oregano, lemon, & lemon, and the Grilled Swordfish with sweet potatoes & salmoriglio.

Off the bat the Crispy Sweet Onions were phenomenal. We must have exclaimed 2 or 3 times how this is would be the perfect, elevated bar food. It’s really a glorified onion ring, perfectly crisped and with a beautiful cheese sauce to complement.

The Rye Rigatoni was good, but a little forgettable. It’s got a nice kick to it but had a hard time figuring out how fresh the actual pasta was.

The last dish we had was the swordfish, and we have to give it to Vic’s, this was probably the best preparation of swordfish we’ve ever had. We didn’t know swordfish could taste or feel that buttery/velvety in the mouth, but maintain its structure characteristic of swordfish. Worth a taste if it’s still on the menu.

Last Thoughts

Vic’s seems to be pretty well known for their pizzas, which we didn’t get but saw many tables with pizza. We would come back if we were looking for a quintessential NoHo evening out — beautiful decor, crowd, and pretty tasty food.

Vic’s Website