Our Story

BECAUSE why not?

Hey you guys! What’s up!?

We’re Californians living our best life in New York.  This site started when we didn’t quite know what to do with our wedding website after we got married in 2016. Since we planned on traveling a lot our first year of our marriage, we decided to just turn it into a place where we can document our travels. At first, it was just for us to have a place to look back, then it quickly turned into something where we would point our family and friends that are far away from us to stay updated with our lives.

Fast forward to now, it’s still primarily about our travels, but we decided to share a bit more of our lives here in New York. We have a feeling that this platform will continue to transform and grow us we too as a couple, transform and grow. 

We hope that somehow this could inspire y’all in any way. So stick around!

Oh! That video below, it’s not that interesting really but we figured we share it anyway. Enjoy!