Honeymoon, Part 2

Day 2

We wake up on day 2 to this....

After the scramble of wedding planning, flying back and forth between NYC, Miami, and Atlanta for work, this is a huge reprieve and doesn't seem real to us at all. 

We had a lazy start to the morning - Stacey cooking up some of the leftovers from the night before, and general bumming by the pool.


We were fortunate to be situated in an area where there was a lot of great beachside eateries, so we take a walk down to Sails Restaurant, an amazing snack of fried seafood and local beer.  

Refreshing and light, but really only a little bit better than a Bud Light.

Rarotonga's public transportation a life saver considering how tedious it is to get a motorcycle license or renting a car. However, their public transportation really means 2-4 buses that go around the whole island clockwise or counter-clockwise, so you need to know precisely when the bus would likely come through your area. It's not that bad, just... requires a little forethought.. 

So we decide to take explore the island a little by bus and try having dinner in a different town.

On the way to the bus stop!

We arrive to the small area resort area of Arorangi, but quickly realize it was far less dense than our Muri home base. Here we sampled wine and fried foods (quickly becoming the trend..) from Spaghetti House Restaurant and had a kind of an ordinary dinner at the otherwise acclaimed Tumunu Bar & Restaurant


Day 3

We make it a mission to get on one of those mopeds we see everywhere. As unbelievable as it sounds, I've actually never driven on a moped before, or even ridden as a passenger. We rent a moped for 24 hours (any longer and we'd have to get a motorcycle license from the police station) and I spend the day sitting on Stacey's back getting funny looks by everybody lol..

Got stares all day with this configuration...

But she taught me how to drive one!

We zoom around looking for what we heard was an incredible sea-side fish sandwich restaurant called The Mooring. This shack gets first pick of fresh fish directly from the fishermen every morning, so they have some of the freshest seafood available. 

Okay, TBH I forget which wrap this was, but it was amazing.

Easily the best fried fish sandwich of the dozen we tried on the island. And a coconut.

By the end of day 3 we had to do the most touristy thing we could think of: go to Te Vara Nui Cultural Center for a history lesson, show, and dinner. Actually, we learned a ton about the history of Polynesia as well as their relationship to Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand...it was fantastic!