Christmas '18 in Brooklyn, New York


This year we decided to stay in New York for the holidays. Something about Christmas in New York makes it so magical (except this year there was no snow). Don’t get me wrong, we definitely missed spending it with our families, but luckily we had friends that are family over and it made it worth it.


We had your usual wrapping gifts session and boy do we need some major help in that department. Don’t worry, we already added it to our goal list this year. But they didn’t turn out too bad though. Also, we did our Christmas shopping so late this year. In our defense, we said we weren’t going to get gifts this year but Jon just had to get me something, so I can’t just let him do that.

Weeks prior to Christmas, Jon and I have been planning to go see the Rockefeller tree but we pushed it off and it just so happen that our friends wanted to go see it too while they were in town so it worked out perfectly.

Spent the rest of the day cooking with old and new friends and just enjoying each other’s company. It was a blast!